Kind, True and Necessary

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A Full Length Documentary by James Knight (2006)

“There are holy places in the world; Machu Pichu is one. Mary Lou and Ernie are the human equivalent. They embody spirit.”

Kind, True and Necessary captures the life story and daily life of two exceptional people. Mary Lou and Ernie Goertzen are artists and peace activists who live a life of elegance and simplicity deep in the Oregon woods. The film follows them from strict Mennonite childhoods in Kansas, through their courtship and 50 years of marriage. In Berkeley in the ’60s we see their activism ignited as they hide soldiers AWOL from Vietnam and meet the Reverend Martin Luther King. As we hear their moving life story we watch the beauty and simplicity of their daily life unfold.

Mary Lou and Ernie’s art, compassion and philosophy of loving kindness have touched many people in the course of their lives. Now it’s your turn.